Bova Lab Studio

Bova Lab Studio

Bova Lab is Philip Shaw Bova's recording studio. The space is an ideal acoustic environment for mastering and mixing, as well as recording small ensembles. Bova Lab is a MFiT (mastered for iTunes) approved facility. See more photos below. For recording, the studio features a nice collection of vintage analog processors that Philip has spent many years acquiring including:

Neve 5432 (c. 1979)
Northern Electric 6 channel tube console (c.1953)
Sony MXP 290 console

Mic Preamps
Neve 32128 (x8)
Sound Techniques "System A" mic pre (rare channels from 60s British consoles)

Spectra Sonics 110 (x2) 
Spectra Sonics 101 (x2)

Northern Electric 1950s Tube (x6)
McCurdy AT242a  (x2)

Shure M67 (x2)

American D332 Ribbon
Altec 686a
AKG D202 (x2)
AKG D224e
AKG D12e
AKG D190e
Beyerdynamic M160
EV RE-16
Little Blondie (x2)
Lomo 19a19 (1960's Russian tube mic)

Neumann U87i 
RCA 77-DX  Ribbon 

Shure SM7
Shure 545 Unidyne III
Shure SM57
Sennheiser 441

Tape Machines
Ampex AG 440B  2 track 1/4" (with Dolby A 361)
Tascam 58-OB   8 track 1/2"

Compression and EQ
Audio Scape - Teletronix LA-2A
dbx 160x

Compex F760X-N FET compressors (stereo linked pair)
Custom built Inductor based EQ

Dolby A301 S/N Stretcher
Empress ECM-519 FET compressor
Neve 34128 EQ (x8)
Sound Techniques EQ (x2)

Spectra Sonics 502 3 band EQ (x2)

Lexicon Prime Time
Fisher Spacexpander (King Tubby) Tube Reverb
Korg analogue signal delay
Korg DRV-1000 digital reverb

Roland SRV 2000
Yamaha SPX90
Various Akai, Sony, and Marantz reel to reel and cassette decks (for awesome tape based delay effects)

Winter upright piano
Premier 751 - 3 octave Vibraphone
Yamaha CP60 electric upright piano
Casiotone 202 vintage synth
Onde Magnétique OM-1 (Cassette tape based synthesizer)
Ensoniq EPS 16+ (90s sampler)
Baldwin Fun Machine synth/organ
Ludwig 1972 kit (12, 13, 16, 22)
Gretsch 1960s kit (12, 16, 20)
WFL 1958 Jazz Festival snare drum
Ludwig COB Supraphonic snare drum
Slingerland 3ply 70s snare drum
Gretsch Aluminum snare drum
Gretsch 1950s 3 ply snare drum